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Tiger Eye Pendulum

Tiger Eye Pendulum

Pendulums have been used as a technique for searching out the invisible also known as Dowsing. Dowsing relies on the motion of the pointer, or the pendulums change in direction to answer our questions and guide us. The pendulum acts as receiver and transmitter from unseen influences and it communicates this wisdom with you. You can ask your pendulum yes and no questions which is usually the most straightforward way of using this tool of divination.

Tiger Eye is a stone of protection. Tiger Eye stabilizes mood swings, imbues us with willpower, purpose, courage and self-confidence. Tiger’s Eye helps you stay grounded centered, even if you're surrounded by chaos. It is a good stone to have if you’re thinking of switching careers, preparing for an important test, or building up your knowledge base for a future project. It will give you determination and courage. You will become less fearful of what lies ahead. A Tiger's Eye will help keep harmony at home, calming tensions within the family or with a partner. It allows you to see arguments from both sides and accept different opinions.


Listing includes one pendulum

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