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Shungite Bracelet 8mm

Shungite Bracelet 8mm

Shungite is an excellent grounding stone. Its helps us stay centered in our personal power. Shugnite high your spiritual body down into the physical plane so that you can better integrate cosmic wisdom and karmic lessons. It grounds the mind to help us stay on track. Shungite is a powerful cleanser and banishes things from your life that may be draining your energy. Once these things have been removed, you can rest without the chaos weighing you down and drawing your attention away from things that are deserving of your energy and attention. Shungite is well known for claims about its ability to purify energy. This ancient stone is even used to charge and purify water. Shungite encourages you to learn more, to do more, and to push onward toward the next spiritual breakthrough. It’s also associated with great cosmic mysteries and is said to bring light during times of darkness or uncertainty.

Shugnite has EMF-blocking potential, specifically the various electromagnetic fields, radiation fields and frequencies from household and personal electronic devices.

Listing includes one bracelet

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