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Septarian Nodule Sphere with Clear Stand

Septarian Nodule Sphere with Clear Stand

Septarian is a grounding stone and allows you to really feel like your feet are firmly planted, and can give you the energy to carry on no matter what challenges you are facing. It allows you to be more tolerant of those around you and to have patients in every situation you find yourself in.

Septarian is als great stone to use for meditation to help you to connect with your higher self. It reminds us that we are each born with a great spiritual power inside us, and that we have the responsibility to use that power and shine Light into this world. It is a shaman stone, helping us to find our true self and better understand the mysteries of this world. Septarian Nodule encourages you to look within and find your own truths. It allows you to experience an inner awakening, replacing old, unaligned habits with new, aligned ones.

Listing includes one sphere.

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