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Ritual Candle (Sold Individually)

Ritual Candle (Sold Individually)

Do you use candles during your spiritual rituals?

Rituals are a great way to practice positive thinking and declare your intentions.There's power in positive thinking!

Create your own ritual to

express gratitude, set goals and intentions,set affirmations, manifest,release what no longer serves you.

Yellow- mental clarity, focus, confidence, creativity, gain wisdom & enlightenment, invite positivity

Blue-forgiveness, calm,communication, emotional healing

Purple- wisdom, tranquility,deepening spiritual awareness, overcoming fear, balance emotions, enhance creativity, remove curses, spiritual power, protection from injustice

Green- attracting money & good luck

Red -courage, sexuality,strength,improve sex life, attract new partner

Black-protection, banishing negative energy, putting an end to an unheallthy relationship, stability, shapeshifter

Brown-new home, stability,grounding, endurance, clear thinking & decision making, courage, balance

Orange- opportunity, attraction, ambition & joy, positive change.

White- new beginnings,peace

Pink-self-love, unconditional love, forgiveness


    Please allow 1-2 days for processing and 3-5 business days for shipping unless notified. Orders are shipped through United States Postal Service Monday- Saturday. When shipped customers will receive an email containing the tracking number for the order. 

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