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Protection Intention Oil

Protection Intention Oil

Our Protection Intention Oil is created to ward off any type of negativity, unwanted energy, or intentions such as spells, curses, or jinxes. It can assist with protection while promoting a harmonious and peaceful environment. Use it as a means to avert psychic attacks, as it blocks energy from people who may attempt dominate and/or drain your energy. It’s a perfect oil to use when dealing with any type of conflict or spiritual upset.

How To Use Protection Oil:

Anointing: Apply a few drops to the skin or around your space

Bathing: Add a few drops to bath water for a relaxing and protective soak.

Candles: Anoint candles before burning to add protection to rituals or meditations.

Space Cleansing: Diffuse the oil in a room or add a few drops to a charcoal disc to remove negative energies and purify the space.

Jewelry: Anoint a talisman or piece of jewelry for personal protection.






Listing includes one 2 oz bottle

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