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Orange Blossom Cologne

Orange Blossom Cologne

This is the go to spiritual water for unblocking pathways to prosperity, success and financial abundance. Orange Blossom water also works well to strengthen partnerships, fidelity and encourage marriage proposals.

Orange Blossom Cologne is known for protection and its ability to repel envy, jealousy, and clear negative intent in one’s life.

-Wear to bring joy, and peace.

-Sprinkle it in the corners of your business and your home and at your front door to attract clients and keep cash flowing positively

-Take your money out of the bank-sprinkle on cash and re-deposit. Clean your credit/debit cards with it.

-Sprinkle in your wallet

-Use as perfume/cologne

-Use in spiritual or ritual baths

Size: 71/2 fl oz

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