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Larvikite Turtle

Larvikite Turtle

Larvikite has the power to assist you in overcoming previous traumas and suffering. Past memories clog the mind, causing an emotional tempest that is tough to break through. Many people, no matter what they’ve done, are unable to achieve the closure they desire.

Larvikite may provide such closure. It encourages acceptance and acceptance of reality for what it is, which is important since we cannot alter the past. It aids in this understanding, making you more spiritually aware and present. Rather of focusing on the sorrows of the past, you may acknowledge the lessons they teach and move on. The Larvikite spiritual properties help you not dwell on negativity and life problems. It supports being flexible and finding creative solutions to current challenges. Supportive and protective, Larvikite teaches patience and can support you as you work towards completing a goal. It opens new doors and can help you better adapt to change. Larvikite bestows self-assurance, independence, and stability. It acts as a reminder that you are competent and healthy enough to face daily difficulties.  
Listing includes one turtle

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