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Hem Removal Spiritual Bath

Hem Removal Spiritual Bath

Do you feel like you’ve been hexed or cursed? Or do you feel like you always experience a severe streak of bad luck? This bath is for you! A Hex Removal Spiritual Bath is a ritualistic practice used in spiritual and magical traditions to dispel and remove negative influences, curses, or hexes that may be affecting an individual. This Bath will remove hexes and displace negative energy that is surrounding you. It is designed to provide spiritual cleansing and protection, believed to wash away lingering negative energies and create a barrier against harmful forces.


This spiritual bath is great for removing curses and hexes. This product is infused with powerful herbs known for their uncrossing properties.

Ingredients: Rosemary, White Sage, Mugwort, Bay Leaves, Epsom Salt, Fragrance.

Listing includes one 16 oz bottle, one tumbled Black Onyx crystal, and an information card.


Warning: External use only. Be sure to remove loose herbs before draining water from the tub as this can cause clogged drains.If you prefer not to have the ingredients & florals floating in the water, place the mixture into the reusable tea bag and leave soak infusing the bathwater.


If pregnant or nursing please consult a doctor before use.If irritation occurs stop use immediately.

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