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Green Jade Elephant

Green Jade Elephant

Green Jade is known as the stone of abundance and prosperity. It bring success in all areas and calmness during a storm.

The Green Jade gemstone brings calm, peace and serenity. It harmonizes and balances internally.

It is a gemstone which protects from harm, helps to release negative energies and irritability.

It is an excellent stone for attracting friends and healing relationships.

Green Jade is popularly tagged as a 'Dream Stone', which brings meaningful dreams.

It draws good luck and is said to be a stone which increases longevity.

Green Jade stimulates the wearer with fertile and innovative ideas. A stone of knowledge gained in tranquillity of the mind.

It aids in connecting with the spiritual realm and self realization. Green Jade urges to be self sufficient.

Green Jade aids in fertility and childbirth.

Listing includes one elephant.

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