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Elephant Skin Jasper Pendulum

Elephant Skin Jasper Pendulum

Pendulums have been used as a technique for searching out the invisible also known as Dowsing. Dowsing relies on the motion of the pointer, or the pendulums change in direction to answer our questions and guide us. The pendulum acts as receiver and transmitter from unseen influences and it communicates this wisdom with you. You can ask your pendulum yes and no questions which is usually the most straightforward way of using this tool of divination.

The elephant skin stone is a type of jasper that is found in Africa. As this stone is believed to activate one’s warrior skills, it can help you draw out your inner bravery and strength. This stone can strengthen your determination so you should use it if most of your plans and goals do not get accomplished because of the lack of determination. Elephant Skin Jasper helps to overcome loneliness, learning to love yourself. It can aid you to feel more positive about life, and if you have a situation in your life that you feel is hopeless, use this stone to help you.This stone will guide you through understanding your life and soul purpose. It enables you to dive deep into your emotional body through the inner journey process. This stone makes the journey easier to explore what might be otherwise uncomfortable. With this elephant skin jasper in hand, you are able to heal to discover the new you.

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