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Cord Cutting Ritual Kit

Cord Cutting Ritual Kit

The Cord Cutting Ritual is a sacred practice used to let go of an unhealthy attachment, whether it be a person no longer in your life, a habit you've been struggling to break, or any other kind of unrelinquishing energy. Sometimes these things hold onto us past their desired time frame, and we may struggle to release them from our orbiting energy. This ritual is meant to open your heart and release undesired energy from that emotional space and truly understand why and how this attachment exists within ourselves.


Best when used with Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus addresses the negative emotions of being attached to ,clingy, defeated, despairing, and feeling powerless to heal. Eucalyptus promotes the positive properties of being able to heal, feeling well, liberated, responsible, and courage to move on.

This ritual includes two pink candles, twine, a bag of Eucalyptus and the instructions. Additional pink candles can be purchased individually by typing ritual candle in the search box.

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