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Charoite Bracelet 8mm

Charoite Bracelet 8mm

Stone of transformation, Charoite’s healing properties include transmuting negative emotions in positive ones, allowing you to be more productive and determined. It is the perfect tool for when you need courage in the face of change and challenges. The transformational properties of this stone will

expand your ability to set boundaries and

amplify your personal powers. It helps you cope with sudden life changes. Charoite is also for overcoming and releasing fear and worry. It is a talisman of acceptance and letting go relationships.

Charoite will teach you many lessons about life and love, as well as yourself and your relationships, both professional and personal.

that no longer serve us.

Charoite protects and guards you against the evil influences and intentions others might have toward you by removing anything toxic from your energy field.

Listing includes one bracelet

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