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Camphor Tablets

Camphor Tablets

Camphor may look like an unassuming little white block, but it is a powerful magical ingredient for cleansing, divination and power.

Camphor's strong, almost minty smell can clear a space of negative energy. Place a block of pure camphor in a bowl of water, and keep it under your bed. If you cannot do this, burn a little grated camphor on a charcoal block and carry it through your home.

You can also burn camphor and clove together brings about a good inflow of money or wealth. This camphor for money remedy is particularly useful if someone has their money stuck somewhere, usually in businesses or for someone who is facing hardships by not earning up to their deserving capabilities.


To make sure your aura stays clear of any stray negative energies, you can also place camphor, hyssop, and lemongrass in a red bag and keep it on you.

Listing includes 50 tablets

50 grams

Each Tablet 1 gram

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