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Aura Quartz Sphere

Aura Quartz Sphere

Aura Quartz possesses such a high vibration, it serves to invoke joy in those who engage with this stone, as it provides enough energy to fill any environment with an abundance of happiness and positivity.

A very protective stone, Aura Quartz creates a shield around one’s auric field in order to provide mental clarity, serenity, and inner peace. As a result, this crystal supports those who have issues with emotional regulation and need help feeling stable and grounded in themselves.

Aura Quartz additionally assists in self-evaluation which can lead the way to positive transformation. It does so by encouraging the user to take action in service of their true desires. Because of this property, Aura Quartz pairs perfectly with those seeking to align with their life path and attain the focus needed to manifest their goals.

Listing includes one sphere. Sphere stand sold separately.

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